What to Demand from Your Personal Sydney Wedding Photographer

Finding a great Sydney wedding photographer should not be a difficult task for a couple that becomes engaged.

This is a populous city in NSW with a myriad of luxury locations that are purpose made for a wedding to take place, with friends and family members arriving to the sunny and warm climate ready to celebrate the occasion.

Yet in order to get the most out of the investment from the perspective of the couple, you need to have either one, two or a team of wedding photographers on hand to capture the beauty, the love and the delight of the moment as everyone comes together on the day.

In order to obtain that target, you need to know how best to identify a professional service that can allow you to relive the ceremony all over again in picture form.

Like all professions, there are guidelines and benchmarks that can help you separate the good from the bad, or the decent from the terrific.

Here we will take a closer look at what would constitute a brilliant photographer for the Sydney market.

Quality Consultant

The consultation process is something that a quality Sydney wedding photographer should pride themselves on. At the end of the day, this is an event that you have decided upon and it should be carried out in the manner in which you see fit. The photographer is there to satisfy your wishes and demands and whilst they will have their own advice on styles and behaviours on location, you should not feel pressured to impose your will onto them. A quality operator in this regard will be entirely open and transparent to what you want to do.

Solid Experience

Hiring any professional for a single project requires you to undertake your homework and examine their past history. The same principle applies for a Sydney wedding photographer as they need to have a record of detailing an event of a similar manner and have come through the other side with a wonderful presentation. Those young photographers coming through the ranks have likely gained their training with other outlets and operated as juniors and assistants. Here is where you need a reliable and proven snapshot expert.

Calm Under Pressure

Whilst the idea of the wedding is a lovely concept, there can be subtle pressures placed on the shoulders of a Sydney wedding photographer on the day. With guests drinking, children running around, shifting climate conditions, variable lighting and other issues, there is a lot to consider. Their duty is to be rarely seen or heard and to have as minimal an impact as possible as they carry out their essential role. That requires a coolness and calm under pressure.

Personally Recommended

A top Sydney wedding photographer should not have to be hard to pinpoint, especially if they have been personally recommended for you. This is a facet that is underrated because if you can obtain a recommendation from a trusted friend, family member or colleague, then they have illustrated their expertise in a previous working relationship.

Well Priced

Investing in a Sydney wedding photographer will have to involve a certain amount of resources, but with catering, venue hire, dresses, rings, accommodation and other costs involved, your budget can only stretch so far. Ensure that they are transparent operators who set a marked price. In some scenarios they will offer a packaged deal in order to keep costs down.


Only you as a couple can set your own internal demands and expectations on a Sydney wedding photographer. Yet if you utilise these guidelines as a starting point, you can hold the professional to account to source the best possible images from the day.

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