Advantages of Finding Family Lawyers in Sydney Who Provide a Free Consultation

Family lawyers Sydney who provide a free consultation can be few and far between.


This is a field of law that will see clients enquiring about a divorce case, the settling of assets and perhaps child custody, a fight that can be arduous, stressful and leaves no real winners in the end result.


From the North Shore of Manly to the Inner West of Balmain and the Eastern Suburbs hub of Randwick, professionals in this city have to fight themselves to generate publicity and to earn a reputation that matches their marketing rhetoric.


In order to reach that target, they need to offer an olive branch and an incentive to draw clientele into their office.


Given the sheer rates that are charged by solicitors when it comes to family law, there is hesitation on the part of citizens who do not want to be lectured on legal maneuvers without something tangible to see at the end.


This is where the free consultation element comes into the equation.


Far from being a pro bono case that sees a lawyer take on a portfolio for the duration completely free of any fees, this is the first step that can give the client a greater understanding of the steps that are soon to follow.

Good PR Image


Family lawyers in Sydney who provide a free consultation are professionals who are earning a reputation for providing a service to the community. The next step beyond this venture is for a pro bono case to take place, but short of that, this is a means of engaging a solicitor that is out to enhance their image. Even a 20-30 minute dialogue for the sake of their image can really help eliminate some possibilities and open up others, so take advantage of their need to look good.

Degree of Transparency


Family lawyers in Sydney who provide a free consultation have to provide a certain amount of information once they open up their doors to you as a client. What avenues are possible, what is legal and what should be expected are all part of an official package when sitting down for talks. Transparency is the aim of the game in this respect as they will communicate what is possible for your scenario.

Saving Money


The central advantage to sourcing family lawyers in Sydney who provide a free consultation is quite an obvious one – the $0 fee involved. A free consultation should not be underestimated in an industry that can charge hundreds of dollars per hour to clients that have to take out extra mortgages or sell off important assets just to see a case through. The financial incentive to find these firms is a real benefit to find, and something that is not universal.

Helps to Formulate a Grand Plan


Family lawyers in Sydney who provide a free consultation can help you to finally put a legal blueprint together. Whether there is a plea that must be responded to, a charge that needs to be issued or an agreement that could be made, you must have an outline for your demands or responses. Then there are the consequences of these actions, laying the groundwork for a future procedure.

Choosing a Lawyer


Family lawyers in Sydney who provide a free consultation might not end up being the actual legal representative should a case proceed to further discussions, a hearing or even a trial in extreme cases. What this can do is allow a professional to refer you onto another colleague within a firm or a trusted peer with another party. Just by starting a relationship and opening a dialogue, this consultation can be a pathway to actual representation.

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