Synthetic Turf vs Natural Grass in Sydney

There has been more synthetic turf coming onto the market in Sydney in recent years, and with this, the big question of which is better – astroturf or natural grass?

artificial turf

There are a few pro

’s and con’s to consider about synthetic turf Sydney. We understand that deciding to make the switch can be a big decision. So to help you decide what’s best, we have thrown together a few of these, along with how it compares to natural grass.


Synthetic turf in sydney is said to best suited for indoors, verandahs, patios, shade covers and rooftops. However you may also use it in your front and back lawns. Here are the key ways it differs from natural grass…


  1. Look and feel

Synthetic turf in Sydney can look clean and green all year round regardless of the time of year. It can look like a lush green golf course anytime.


On the other side of the coin, there’s nothing like the smell of freshly mowed grass when you step outside your house. Perhaps you just love those crisp blades of grass with dew drops on a winter’s morning. But in Australia, this can also quickly turn to a dry and barren yard come dry climate, with the sun scorching down.


  1. Maintenance and cleanliness

The underlay prevents stones moving around, and prevents weeds growing through it. Silicon glue ensures it doesn’t rip or split meaning it can be kept looking neat and tidy for the long run, and as mentioned, regardless of the season.


Of course, synthetic turf in Sydney won’t be growing any time soon either, so that can save you the time and hassle you would spend mowing the lawn. It drains water, and pet urine away easily, in the same manner as ordinary grass. Although it’s important for owners to clean it should food, vomit, gum, glass or wooden splinters wind up on it.


No mud or dirt comes from the artificial grass itself, meaning cleaner hands and feet, and less of this being brought inside to mess up the carpet.


  1. Benefits to the environment

While you may not have to water your synthetic turf in Sydney, the benefits of natural grass to the environment outweigh this. Natural grass is essential in a balanced environment and for the little ecosystems in lawns that contribute to the broader ecology. Astroturf doesn’t filter pollutants. Nor does it absorb carbon, or produce oxygen.


  1. Eco-friendly

In saying the above, synthetic turf  in Sydney can be eco-friendly in terms of water conservation, and not needing any unnatural fertilizers which end up in soils and waterways.


  1. Temperature

One thing about synthetic turf  in Sydney is that it tends to get considerably warmer on hot summer days. It gets up to 30 degrees hotter than natural grass, and can sit at temperatures of 50 to 60 degree Celsius on an average summer day in this Australian city. 93 degrees Celsius is the highest recorded temperature on astroturf.


This can pose a risk as skin injuries such as blisters can be caused within 10 minutes from contact with these kinds of temperatures. This can even happen through the soles of one’s shoes.


  1. Cost-effective

You can also save money on water – including hoses and sprinklers – as well as fertilizers, seeds, lawn mower fuel, and other grass maintenance expenses. After installation all you need to do is a clean once in a blue moon.


There are some places where synthetic turf can be more appropriate in Sydney, and times where natural grass can have its advantages.

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