Why Defendants Need Criminal Lawyers From Melbourne In Their Corner

criminal being caught

Having criminal lawyers from Papa Hughes Lawyers in the corner of a defendant is paramount if there is a hope of receiving a good outcome.

Without these practitioners, individuals can be appointed a solicitor from the court and whilst they will undertake their due diligence on the matter, they usually won’t have the requisite skills, experience or appetite to reach that outcome.

Being able to hire a qualified defence attorney like someone from Papa Hughes Lawyers, will ensure that no oversight will hamper the case and the client can be equipped with a party who can manage the affair from the initial stages to the end determination.


Understanding Gravity of the Charges

From murder and manslaughter to rape, arson, sexual assault, child abuse, battery, drink driving, bank fraud or kidnapping, criminal lawyers from Melbourne will inform their client just how grave the charges can be. This could range from a penalties and fines to restrictions of freedom, the holding of assets, community service or a jail sentence. There can be no obfuscation about the circumstances and whilst the truth can be traumatising and stressful, it has to be conveyed with complete honesty and transparency.


Mapping Out a Coherent Defence Strategy

Criminal lawyers from Melbourne who are part of the defence counsel are often placed in a reactive position. It can be a scenario where all people involved have to sit back and wait to see what moves the prosecution makes before a call can be made. However, rather than being boxed into a corner on these deliberations and allowing the fear and anxiety to set in, a qualified solicitor will be able to design a strategy where moves can be predetermined ahead of time and a coherent framework can be established to cover all bases.


Gathering Evidence

One of the key facets that underpins the role of criminal lawyers from Melbourne is their capacity to gather key forms of evidence. It is one thing to have a statement from the defendant but their position cannot be the foundation for a solid argument. From police reports and DNA tests to eyewitness testimony, documentation and any video or photographic evidence from the event, these materials will create momentum as each tangible piece works to win over a judge or jury or their peers. Criminal lawyers from Melbourne working with the defence have no ground to stand on without this type of direct evidence.


Avoiding Perjury, Obstruction and Other Offences

Criminal lawyers from Melbourne offer their client clear and defined guardrails that they cannot operate outside of. This can include not discussing the case outside of counsel, not committing perjury when under oath by prosecutors and law enforcement, not committing obstruction of justice by interfering in an investigation, blackmailing individuals or simply breaking the law during this proceeding. Such offences would usually indicate guilt or a guilty conscious, but such can be the pressure of the environment that defendants feel as though they need to engage in extreme measures for their own protection.


Fighting Back Against Prosecutorial Arguments

Criminal lawyers from Melbourne will pick their battles against an aggressive prosecution. Some points of order and lines of argument cannot be disputed and if a defence counsel did try and fight against every point of order, that would be reflected badly from the perspective of a judge or jury. Instead they will look to point to inconsistencies with their argument and return serve with their own pieces of evidence that contradict their series of events. A strong advocacy is what is needed in these situations as that will be their greatest quality they bring to the table.


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