How You Can Become A Professional In Australian Football

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Just like any other game, you will definitely love to learn on how the Australian football is played. This means that you will need to learn on the rules of the game before you get to learn on other aspects of the game. The most important thing you need to understand is the goal scoring because it is one of the most sought knowledge that can aid you to achieve the very best out of your gaming experience. For one to score a goal, you will need to make sure that the ball is passed from one teammate to the other before it is eventually crossed past the goal line that is guarded by the opponents. Every opponent will be guarding their territory so as they are not scored. The field is big enough to accommodate the eighteen players that are involved in the game. The ball is passed from one team mate to the other with the intention of scoring. Each teammate occupies special positions that makes playing of the game easier and follow a particular pattern with specific tactics. Here are a number of facts that you need to know about the play of the Australian football that has become very common today;

  • Playing time
  • The ball

Playing time

Any AFL game has specific time duration that it needs to be played. This means that the time needs to be kept by a special official who will have to stop the game after the required time has elapsed. This special officer is normally referred to as the umpires. Australian football is therefore divided into four quarters. Each quarter is played for twenty minutes. After each quarter, the teams are allowed to rest for a while before the game is resumed. After the rest time, the teams are supposed to change ends before the game is allowed to commence. Half time always lasts for twenty minutes during which the players are expected to receive technical and tactical knowledge with the intention of improving their game. This is exactly what normally happens in the soccer fields. These rules seem to be so similar. They must have been borrowed from either of these games.

The ball

man holding a football ball

The ball is an oval inflated and colored object that is supposed to be passed from a teammate to the other with the intention of scoring the opponent’s goal. It is colored to make sure that it is easily seen especially during the games that are played at night. As for the Australian football, the ball will have to pass between the goal posts of the opponent untouched for a goal to be counted. This is the aim of every player or every team. Each goal is able to earn the team some six points. This is the reason why the players will be striving in the field to get possession of the ball because when a team possesses a ball, it becomes so easy to score. Scoring of many goals is the climax of this game.

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