Dangerous jobs

There you are sitting in front of a computer hating your life. Staring at a spreadsheet, numbers everywhere, most of which you don’t know the meaning of. You’re bored out your mind and you wish you were anywhere else, maybe with a more exciting job where you could at least stretch your legs and get a bit of exercise. But while you sit at screen, slowly becoming less and less motivated, take a moment to think how safe you are.

Millions of people around the world risk their lives every day as they do their daily tasks. Clicking a mouse every day is foreign to them, they have jobs that most of us would never dream of doing so what are some of the most dangerous jobs the world has to offer?

  1. Mining

For the claustrophobic among us, this is a job we would hate. Enclosed in a small space for 12 hours a day is the definition of hell, but this is what miners have to contend with each day, while dealing with the fear that at any minute a mine shaft could collapse in. Avoiding long term health problems from inhaling chemicals is difficult with this job too.

  1. Lumberjack

Regularly voted the most dangerous job in the world, tree cutters have to deal with a mix of hazardous weather conditions, tall trees, deadly tools and long hours. Added together these factors which create a very dangerous mix.

  1. Deep sea fisherman

Out at sea for days and weeks on end, a deep-sea fisherman is the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people. Going through heavy storms as well as dealing with freezing temperatures and plenty of heavy industrial materials, this is not a job for the faint of heart.

  1. Rickshaws

Not one that is expected on a list like this, but rickshaws common in most Asian cities as well as some western ones, put their drivers in the middle of the road with little or no protection from cars while being nearly invisible to other drivers sometimes.

  1. Coast guard

When it comes to the power of the ocean, many people are oblivious to it. Putting their lives at risk to save people they don’t know; coast guards fight with high winds and huge waves to bring people to safety.

Sitting in a warm office staring at a computer screen has never seemed so appealing.

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