What to Think About Before Getting Braces in Hawkesbury


Getting braces in Hawkesbury is a huge decision and comes at a great financial cost. There are many benefits associated with getting braces, as they lead to greater self-confidence and better oral health.

Let’s face it— having straight teeth makes a big difference to your appearance and will allow you to be a lot less self-conscious about your smile. Being reluctant to smile is not ideal and this straightening procedure will alleviate this concern.

However, getting braces in Hawkesbury is an inevitably long process with multiple considerations to make. There are so many factors you need to think about before you start the process. Here are some things to think about before getting your braces in Hawkesbury!


Costs and financing

Getting your braces in Hawkesbury will start at a couple thousand, and generally costs around $3000 to $6000. This is something you will have to consider before going to your first consultation.

Are you prepared to pay this amount? And if so, how will you finance it? It is essential you have a stable plan in place and know how you will fund this process.

Some dentists have payment plans available to make the repayments easier on you. This can help you immensely in balancing your costs, so make sure to do your research!


Change in diet

Once you get your braces in Hawkesbury, your diet will change quite a bit. To avoid problems with your teeth, you will have to stop eating certain foods.

Hard foods such as nuts and hard lollies often cause broken wires, so they should be avoided. Chewy foods like toffee can get easily stuck, as well as popcorn. You should also stay away from crunchy fruits and vegetables, like apples.

You’ll have to change your diet quite a bit after getting your braces in Hawkesbury so get your fill of the food you want!

Your orthodontist

When getting your braces in Hawkesbury, you should be certain that you are comfortable with your orthodontist.

As this dental treatment can last several months and even years, it is essential that you are happy with the clinic and dentist that you choose!

Take your time to make the decision and don’t be hasty in locking it in with a particular clinic.



Before getting your braces in Hawkesbury, you must prepare your teeth. Ensuring that they are fully clean is necessary to avoid problems with your treatment.

You should go for a general dental check-up and cleaning before the wires are fixed onto your teeth!

You might like to take a photo before you have your first appointment of the process, so that you can compare before and after pictures.

woman wearing braces


It will hurt

This is inevitable – there will be some pain and discomfort when you get those wires on. However, it is often very manageable and can be compared to the pain you feel after scraping your elbow.

This pain will often come after a couple of days of first getting them on. The pressure on your teeth will cause some aching and the rubbing against your mouth can also cause some sores to appear.

Luckily, this stage isn’t meant to last for long. You can take some painkillers and use an ice pack for some relief as your mouth gets used to its new occupant.

Despite the long and potentially stressful process, this treatment has great benefits. The ability to smile without being self-conscious is priceless, but simply a side benefit. You will have better oral health and a better bite due to this procedure.

Even after the whole procedure, you will have to continue wearing your retainer – so keep in mind that this is a high maintenance job!

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