Technology at the office

For better or worse, technology has changed everything. Making most everyday activities easier, while helping to make society healthier and aiding national security, technology is something that most of us need in our daily lives, especially during our work hours. So, in the office, how did anything get done before technology?

Your alarm goes off, and you instantly check the weather. No need for an umbrella today. Walking out of your house, you check the bus times and break into a jog for the bus that is a minute away. Tapping your card on the scanner you take your place and start scrolling through your media of choice on your phone. Technology has been at the centre of your morning and that’s all before you sit down at your desk.

Turning on your computer, within a few minutes, you are scrolling through dozens of emails from people across the globe. After a while your inbox is cleared, sending back instant response after instant response, and you attach your wireless Bluetooth earphone and start doing some call-backs. You work for a multinational company and are constantly talking to people from all over the world. Using a softphone, connection is perfect, and any time delay is minimal. For the rest of the day, you make calls to the most southern parts of Africa to the west coast of America, time difference permitting.

Technology, that would not have been thought of 30 years ago, let alone developed 15 years ago, makes your day that much easier. Every day work tasks that would have been awkward a few years are performed with quickly and efficiently. In days gone by, writing and talking on the phone would have needed a raised shoulder and bent neck to lodge the phone in place, while your struggled to write in straight lines but those days have passed.

When the day comes to an end, you make the same journey home, have some dinner and join a conference call with your HQ in the UK with your laptop open connected to the company’s network. No longer do you need to be at work to stay connected.

This smart technology has aided efficiency at work, while helping businesses develop new work systems. Not only has it helped established business but technology has made it easier than ever to develop a start-up, having an Impact across a wide range of businesses.

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