How to Maintain Your Rheem Hotwater System

A Rheem hot water cylinder be an electric, gas or solar water heater for the home. As with everything though, you may at times run into less than ideal situations. For instance, you be getting a flow that’s a little short of the right temperature. So what do you do?


Did you know there are few easy tricks involving changing a few ‘bits’ that will get your heated water back up and running smoothly? Let’s run through these great Rheem hotwater lifehacks, step by step…


The first step is to diagnose the problem with your. For example, if you find you’re getting a little bit of heated flow here and there, it could be a problem with your tank’s ‘element’, a special Rheem hotwater product in the form of a bolt on copper piece. There may be more than one of these. If you find the tap is running and you’re only getting cold water, it could mean the switch needs resetting What’s getting your Rheem hotwater system down?


First and foremost, turn off the electricity 2 hours prior to working on your Rheem hotwater system, to avoid serious safety hazards. Unscrew the panel toward the base of the tank, under which you should see a filament. Take this off along with the plastic cover. Find, the element.


Removing the top panel you should see, again, layers of filament and plastic. Find, again, an element, thermostat, and a reset switch on top. If you press this and it’s working fine, that points to… the issue not being your reset switch, meaning your element may need replacing. Isolate the problem before trying to fix your Rheem hotwater system.


If it is the element, the next step is to find out the exact make and model, so you know precisely what you’re looking for when buying the replacement.


Before doing this, use an electrical testing tool for water, to double check if there is no electric flow before continuing. Once you have the all clear, it’s safe to drain all the water out. Turn off the water supply, and screw a hose into a valve found at the base of a tank.


Use a heating element wrench to remove to unscrew the element from your Rheem hotwater system. A screwdriver can assist. Replace with the element you’ve picked up from your local hardware store, screwing this in by hand. This should be easy enough however have your handy wrench near by, ready to assist. Refill the tank, ensuring for safety reasons there aren’t any leaks.


If you’re simply looking to change the water temperature, you can do so by toggling the thermostat around with a screwdriver. Put the temperature up or down to taste.


When you’re done, replace plastic covers, and filament (or fibreglass). Your your Rheem hotwater system should be back on stream!


To double check that all is running smoothly, wait until the water has cooled down before testing it. Open the lever on the pressure relief valve to make sure it’s working properly. If you find, for instance, your thermostat isn’t working, and the temperature is too high, the pressure relief valve will automatically open to allow water to drain from the tank. This helps to ensure the pressure isn’t too much, and we don’t want that.


With the element replaced, thermostat set, and pressure valve checked, you may turn the electricity back on, before getting ready for the heavenly heated shower or putting your feet up in the bath that you deserve for your hard work.


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