How to Choose the Right Child Care in Hillside

There are many benefits to day nurseries, from improved social skills to getting used to a routine. If it’s your first time sending a youngster off to child care Hillside, you may be unsure about how to find the best service available. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience; by doing a bit of research you’ll be well-equipped to handle the challenge. Read ahead for some tips on choosing the right family service for you.

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Location of the centre

Consider if the centre is easily accessible to you; is it close to home or work? It’s important that it’s close enough for you to be able to fit taking your kids to and from child care in Hillside into your schedule. Many centres charge a fee for late pick-ups, so try to make sure you’re on time.


Check the curriculum

Providers of child care in Hillside should be able to share with you their educational curriculum, usually either online or in person. A good curriculum will be varied and ensure that your young one is meeting key developmental milestones, as well as being prepared for primary school when the time comes.


Consider staff member’s qualifications and experience

Look into the qualifications and experience of the centre’s educators – these can play a large role in the quality of care your son or daughter receives. Qualifications related to early childhood education or teaching are ideal. First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis, and Asthma Awareness training are also very important.


Enquire about nutrition policy

If your young one has specific dietary or nutritional needs, cultural or religious requirements, and/or food allergies or intolerances, it’s important that the provider of child care in Hillside that you select has a nutrition policy that can support you. Ideally, the centre should also provide healthy, nutritious food and drink.


Is there a waiting list?

Some centres may be quite popular and as such might not have any, or only limited, availabilities. Try to avoid waiting last minute to enrol your youngster, as some places may have waiting lists of up to 3 years!  You may, however, be able to claim a casual service when a centre’s existing family is away.


Look into costs

Do your research into how much a centre charges and whether or not you can claim government subsidies with them. Also consider whether or not they provide nappies, or if you must purchase your own.


Go for an inspection

A great way to decide whether or not child care in Hillside is a good fit is to go in for an inspection. Consider the environment, how clean it is, how the staff interact with the kids and how the kids interact with each other. Positive, helpful and engaging interactions are important for each youngster’s well-being and social development. Visiting the centre also allows you to ask staff questions in person, and to communicate your needs or requests. Staff should be understanding and supportive. When in doubt, trust your gut feeling.


Visit during ‘non-peak’ hours

If you can, try to avoid drop-off or pick-up times as this is when child care in Hillside is at its busiest. This is usually around 8-9am and 5-6pm, but times vary depending on the centre, so do check in with them first. Visiting during ‘non-peak’ hours also gives you the benefit of seeing the educators engaged in activities with the kids.

Keep these things in mind when looking for child care in Hillside and you’ll be on the right track to finding the best care for your little one.


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