Facts About Hair Straightening From a Japanese Hair Salon

Those clients who wish to embrace a straightening treatment would be wise to consult with the best Japanese hair salon.

Whether you are based in a metropolitan area, a suburban location or in a rural centre that is expanding, this niche of the market delivers a service that offers a litany of benefits.

Treatments come in and out of fashion as consumers take inspiration from other communities and cultures that push the boundaries on what is possible.

From highlights to perms or blow dry and dyes, there will be a variety of shampoos, moisturisers and heating techniques that attempt to get the most out of a natural aesthetic and texture.

If straightening happens to be a preference right now, it is worthwhile taking a closer look at some key facts about this practice to ensure that it is something you wish to pursue.


Unique Japanese Practice

If you are fortunate enough to book in with a Japanese hair salon in the city or elsewhere around the country, you will be encountering a unique experience. Many women will be accustomed to traditional practices with stylists as they use the same standard products and formulas, but these outlets embrace a different custom.

During these visitations, a special formula is applied to break up the bonds before a flat-iron offers a pin-straight look. Following a comprehensive rinse, blow dry and flat-iron, the locks are smoothed out with the help of a neutralizer. Clients on average will spend longer for an appointment than at an A-typical stylist, but the value in this application will be enjoyed long after the treatment.


The Expected Cost

woman with permed hairDepending on your length and original condition, a Japanese hair salon could charge anywhere between $200 to $500 for a comprehensive straightening treatment. A perm can cost as little as $50, or a clip-in extension for $200, but for a majority of clients this is a one-off payment for an annual year. Elevate this perm cost for conditioning and maintenance each month and that $50 suddenly rises to $600. The initial cost will be higher with the Japanese hair salon method, but the cost efficiency is far healthier over the long run.


Longevity and Duration

The 3-5 hours that can be spent at a Japanese hair salon to receive this treatment will pay off for clients. With other styles requiring regular bookings and visitations on a weekly basis to take time out of the schedule, some individuals do not need to return to a salon for 12 months such is the strength of the final product. Although the pricing and original time might scare off potential customers, the long-term health of this stylistic choice comes out in favour of the straightening method.


Picking The Season

Professionals in this industry are adamant that the spring and summer seasons are the best time to book an appointment with a Japanese hair salon. The results that are gleaned from the straightening process will see clients enjoy a style where the product glistens in the sunshine to be radiant. That is one of the aesthetic benefits earned by this method.

One of the great practicalities for beach bums is that this style maintains its condition when exposed to salt water from the ocean. There will be no tangling involved, an annoying event that takes place for swimmers in the warmer months with frizzy or curled hair. If you wish to experiment with this choice as a consumer, the recommendation is to book your appointment between September and February to get the most value.


Horror Home Stories

Those who believe they can handle their straightening alone without the assistance of a Japanese hair salon should probably stop and think twice about that idea. There is a multitude of home horror stories as clients who leave this practice to the professional hairdressers receive the best quality results without question. Women have seen their head fried as additional chemicals are utilized without understanding the ramifications or limitations of this process.

Given the unique practice that is involved from Japanese culture, women in Australia have opted to use a take-home formula to embrace a DIY method. More times than not this has spectacularly backfired. There are health and safety hazards that arise in this instance, not to mention the aesthetics and poor results that will be seen from a sloppy application of the product.

Please leave this to the professionals.



Do not feel as though you have to box the Japanese hair salon treatment in a box of a 1990s trend, because the benefits are clearly obvious for 2018 consumers and beyond. What was originally thought of as a flash in the pan style choice has since blossomed to become a popular and viable practice for generations. Should you take onboard these facts and consider the downside of the DIY option, then it is worthwhile booking a consultation with a provider and see what will suit your needs.


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