3 benefits of a do not disturb desk light

Interruptions are the worst, right? They get in the way of productivity and ultimately leave you feeling like you didn’t get as much done as you could have at the end of the day.

Whether it’s at the office or at home, there are plenty of times when we’ve experienced annoying interruptions that destroy our workflow. These interruptions can be especially destructive if they ruin a phone call you are having with an important client.

Luckily, a do not disturb desk light is the perfect solution for eliminating these interruptions in a subtle but effective way. This simple ready indicator lets your co-workers know when it’s okay to talk to you and when it’s not, allowing you to fully commit to the task at hand.

Let’s take a look at all the great benefits of a do not disturb desk light.

Freedom from interruptions

The most obvious benefit of a do not disturb desk light is that it eliminates interruptions from your work day. Think of it like a traffic light for your workstation, letting the office traffic known when it’s okay to go and when it isn’t.

The system can be used to display different coloured lights in order to communicate different messages. For example, you may want the light for when you’re in a call to be red while the light for when you simply don’t want to be interrupted can be yellow.

All of this helps to effectively cut down on the amount of time that’s wasted by awkward interruptions that disrupt the workflow of employees. These interruptions don’t only slow things down, but can actively jeopardise important business calls which in turn affects your bottom line.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of a co-worker interrupting you while you’re in a tense negotiation with another business? There’s no better way to queer a deal than to have something unprofessional occur on your end, and a silly interruption is hardly worth losing business over.

A do not disturb desk light is the perfect way to eliminate frustrating interruptions that can be easily avoided.

Really focus on your work

Another benefit of a do not disturb desk light is that it gives you peace of mind so that you can apply a greater degree of focus to the task at hand. With a do not disturb desk light, you can focus 110% of yourself to the work you are doing as you can be confident you won’t be interrupted with something else.

This allows you to maximise your most productive windows of work as you won’t have anything else to worry about while you get things done. A do not disturb desk light is the perfect, subtle way to let the rest of the office know that you’re totally focused on your work and shouldn’t be interrupted.

When everyone in the office has a do not disturb desk light, then they will be far more productive as basically 100% of your regular interruptions are done away with. This ultimately leaves everyone more satisfied with their work and this means better results into the future.

Better phone service

If your business deals with a lot of calls, then you naturally want your salespeople and customer support staff to be able to deliver the best phone experience. A do not disturb desk light means that employees who use the phone all day can wear their headsets and be confident that they won’t be interrupted during an important call.

This all helps to improve overall customer satisfaction as they will get a better phone service from your operators. It also allows operators to get the most out of their headsets and to make more calls in a shorter time span.

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